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Famous imperial pigeon

Former Governor Chris Patten and former British Foreign Secretary Ted Korea
Founded in 1938, has over 60 years of Longhua Hotel, located in the foothills of the Sha Tin Station next corner, a single long be famous imperial pigeon to sign international pigeon were chosen because of strict regulations are born 25 days, fresh meat tastes The best time, with its unique recipe cooking, eating and therefore unique, has sold six thousand records a record date, has sold more than fifty million only, with elegant environment, beautiful scenery, in fifty or sixty age is Cantonese films often framing of the land, including film and television celebrities in southern actor Wuchu Fan, Bai Yan, Tse Yin, Carina, Bruce Lee, Connie Chan, Josephine, Cao Dahua ··· etc., Bruce Lee beat "Big Boss" Also in this shooting. The "Ming Pao" famous martial arts founder, Mr. Jin Yong, the old groom red female opera circles, and even the last governor Chris Patten, often plain clothes to Longhua dining, he said that Hong Kong has three food: [one] [two] Ah Yat Abalone Longhua pigeon [three] Yung Kee roast goose.

Early in 1970, the United States, "New York Times" editor Mr. Craig Claiborne diet after eating pigeon Longhua praise: [pigeon cooking beauty crown in the world, which is high praise, but it is deserved . The early eighties], France Eight chefs should first visit the Chinese government to invite the President met with Deng Xiaoping China via Hong Kong to enjoy the flavor of Longhua braised pigeon, famous gourmet Mr. spiritualism introduced to represent Hong Kong Tourist Association Longhua cooking methods.

Early sixties, Longhua quaternary half a pigeon, at which time only five cents a bowl of wonton noodles, but a luxury, non-ordinary classes can be enjoyed at any time in the year, so far only sold fifty-five yuan a year compared to Disi much.

Longhua into the hotel corridor, a tree-lined, shop decoration still retains the seventies and eighties Hong Kong characteristics, reminiscent of the old rural feelings. In addition to well-known outside Longhua imperial pigeon, pigeon, though small is very precious, high nutrition, low cholesterol, and its cuisine cooked with pigeon can not be the same non-trial treasures. It stresses, due to less production of pigeon, pigeon Longhua therefore only to goods once a week, and the number has only a few thousand only. In addition, due to the pigeon shell thin and brittle, often in transit has reimbursed a lot, plus the cooking process takes the complex, more expansive. Hong Kong Tour said foreign tourists had not eaten pigeon Longhua not count really tasted our food.


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